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Build Everything

No coding knowledge is required.

Fully Сustomizable Sections Templates

Pre-Built Solutions

Instant page building with a huge library of ready-to-use pre-designed sections.

Drag & Drop

Intuitive drag & drop addition from the templates library toolbar.

Smart Styles

Added sections automatically adjust to the site colors and typography.

Customize Anything

All content is fully customizable, and allows you to add, remove and adjust any elements in the section.

Copy Demo Sections

Complementary to the templates library, any section of the demo sites is also available for copying.

Impreza Live Visual Builder

Drag & Drop Builder

Creating websites in no time with an easy and intuitive drag & drop content builder.

Live Preview

All the changes that you make to the elements and layout are reflected in a live preview, allowing you to see the current result instantly.

Responsive Design

Element appearance and settings adjust to any device via the responsive settings and preview.

Huge Elements Library

All the needed elements and containers to implement any design and layout you need.

Requires No Coding Skills

All the settings and extra styles are easy to add with the built-in interface solutions.

Custom CSS Styles

A developer-friendly interface allows adding custom classes and IDs to any element for code-based customizations.

Supports WPBakery Markup

Impreza allows switching between Live Builder and WPBakery while editing. Both builders are fully interchangeable.

Impreza WPBakery+ Builder

Enhanced Functionality

New features and styling options for WPBakery elements and containers.

Display Logic

Condition-based appearance settings, allowing to show/hide elements only when needed.

Content Markup Validation

Automatic content markup validation in accordance with Schema.org requirements.

Shape Dividers

Allows adding creative forms and figures to design the intersections of content rows.

GDPR Compliance

Allows hiding third-party files until the visitor consents to view them.

Reusable Page Blocks

Allows creating and managing custom content blocks used repeatedly on the site via Page Blocks.

Refined Custom Fields

Adds extra features and customization options for Custom Fields (ACF).

The Most Powerful Header Builder

Pre-Designed Templates

Create headers with any layout via ready-to-use design solutions and drag & drop builder.

Adjust Layout per Device

Adjust header elements, settings, and position per device to create a responsive layout.

Multiple Headers Support

Allows creating multiple headers and assigning them globally or for specific pages only.

Header Effects

Create a unique header design by adding effects and animations to shrink and enlarge header sections on the scroll and adding sticky and transparent behavior.

Vertical & Horizontal Headers

Create headers with vertical and horizontal layouts, allowing to assign layout per device.

The Most Powerful Grid Builder

Flexible Grid Listing Builder

Combine elements and containers with any positioning and add hover effects to create eye-catching grid listing designs.

Pre-Designed Solutions

Use the library of ready-to-use solutions to create a grid with a list of different post types.

Hover Effects & Animations

Add shadows, animations, and on-hover transition effects to create unique listing designs.

Responsive Grids

Adjust the appearance of the grid and its items to different devices with responsive settings and styles.

The Most Flexible WooCommerce Builder

Product Page Builder

Customize the design and appearance of product pages.

Product Grid Builder

Showcase the eye-catching product listing design. Add elements, hover effects, filters, ordering, and more.

Custom Cart & Checkout Pages

Replace the default WooCommerce pages with your custom-designed layout for Cart and Checkout.

Custom My Account & “Thank you” Pages

Use Live Builder to create a custom design and layout for WooCommerce built-in “My Account” and “Thank you” pages.

Built for Creators

For Beginners

No Coding Skills Needed
Simple Drag’n’Drop Live Builder
Video Tutorials and Guides
One-Click Demo Installer

For Digital Marketers

Optimized for Speed and SEO
Marketing-Ready Demos
Landing-Page Ready

For Pro Creators

Powerful Grid System
Child-Theme and Hooks
Global Page Blocks


Explore Impreza and its tools in the series of screencasts.

Pre-Built Demos & Templates

Save time with pre-built collections of Demos, Pages, Sections Templates for your website (including eCommerce)

Knowledge Base

Online well-structured theme documentation.
Extensive constantly updated FAQ.

Fast & Friendly

6 months of free support included.
Convenient Upsolution Support Portal.

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Why People
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The #1 Best-Rated Top-Seller
(100,000+ Sales) Theme

for Design Quality

I’m working with this theme since 2014. Still going strong and manage several websites with this theme every day! Great team @ upsolution!

ThemeForest user
for Design Quality

The theme is impeccable! It’s fluid, responsive, and has hours and hours of work into it. Very obvious there has been a lot of time put into it.

ThemeForest user
for Customizability

This is probably the best overall theme i’ve ever worked with. Loads of options, it’s very smooth and the support is good should you need it. The perfect all rounder & i will be buying for future projects.

ThemeForest user
for Design Quality

One of the best theme using Visual Composer I’ve ever used. Everything is clear & simple and everything looks pretty (retina, responsive…). Moreover the support is just amazing (2 questions > 2 solutions within the hour).

ThemeForest user
for Customer Support

The best theme ever! I’ve purchase a few other themes before, but none of them compare to this one. It works great, simple enough. Customer support is unmatched. They worked with me even on weekends! I couldn’t figure out a small simple thing, it was a matter of simply un-checking a box, we fixed it together so I was good to go for Monday launch.
Simply the BEST!!!

ThemeForest user
for Customizability

Great theme with many features and frequent updates, working as descibred and much better ! Made by very professional group of developers with excellent support and communication. Highly Recommended !!

ThemeForest user
for Flexibility

This is one of the best themes I’ve worked with the last couple of months. It’s up there in “popular themes” for all the reasons you’re looking for. Flexible and amazing fast support. Five stars.

ThemeForest user
for Flexibility

There should be an option for “all of the above” in the dropdown field called “What is the main reason for your rating”. I am 100% satisfied with features, flexibility, customizability, customer support, and documentation quality, and everything else seems good as well. And what I like the most is the USER FRIENDLINESS of this theme: test before you buy, find everything you need on the screen, proper naming of things in proper English language – and should I actually have a question, I get an almost immediate, elaborate and precise answer. Bravo!

ThemeForest user
for Feature Availability

Impreza makes it easy to incorporate cool features, from complex to simple – it’s all relatively easy to utilize for your own website. Plus, the backend theme options make it easy to do quick customizations.

ThemeForest user
for Documentation Quality

I also love the design 🙂 But I cose as main reason for rating, the quality of documentation, because it is the best documentated theme, I ever had. Great theme!!

ThemeForest user